ITIS Delpozzo

The TEEP-SLA strategy for public engagement involved also the high school students of the ITIS Delpozzo high school (Cuneo, Italy). According to the coordination of their teachers and the lectures of IIT researchers, the students were able to create videogames designed to be controlled by people with severe motor disabilities through non-invasive neurointerfaces (Mindgames project). The results of these activities have been presented during the Futura 2019 event, organised by the Italian Ministry of Education, in Cuneo, and at Maker Faire Rome 2019. Thus, the Mindgames project of the Delpozzo students highlights how the researchers enabled people (currently) outside academia and industry to create their own low-cost assistive technology setup (based on open and free software and on low-cost hardware like Emotiv EPOC or Tobii 4C). Furthermore, the user-centered game design education allowed to make the students aware of the difficulties of people with ALS, demonstrating the value of this approach according to the TEEP-SLA perspective, as highlighted by a webinar for the italian Brain Week.

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