EEG Headset


The TEEP-headset is a custom open source and low-cost EEG acquisition system exploiting the open source acquisition board Cyton (plus Daisy module) by OpenBCI. This part of the TEEP-SLA project includes the design and development of both passive and active semi-dry sensors for EEG recordings, based on the coupling between golden cup electrodes and felt pads to be humidified to ensure a good electorde-skin contact. A specific electronic module compatible with the Cyton+Daisy system was developed, to allow the connection of both customized passive and active electrodes. All project files and material will be made available as open source.

Malvicino, S., Schiatti, L., Tessadori, J., Barresi, G., Casadio, M., & Mattos, L. S. (accepted). Low-cost and Open-source Semi-dry electrodes for assistive BCIs. In 2019 IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology conference (EMBC 2019) – poster presentation.


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