ICRA2018: Dataset

Dataset [Dropbox Folder]

Data recording

The experimental acquisition setup consisted of 16 active g.LADYbird (g.tec) gel electrodes located at Fz, FC3, FC1, FCz, FC2, FC4, C3, C1, Cz, C2, C4, CP3, CP1, CPz, CP2 and CP4 according to the standard 10/20 international system, connected to a g.USBamp biosignal amplifier for EEG signals acquisition. Ground and reference were respectively placed on the forehead (AFz) and left ear lobe. Signals were sampled at 256 Hz and hardware filtered between 0.1 and 30Hz, while an additional notch filter contributed suppressing line noise at 50Hz. Experiments were started only after impedance of all electrodes was stably under 5kΩ.

Data file description

All data sets are stored both in CSV and MAT formats, in different files. Specifically, each CSV file contains a Nx18 matrix, where N is the number of time samples of the recording. The first 16 columns contain raw electrode data (electrode order is Fz, FC3, FC1, FCz, FC2, FC4, C3, C1, Cz, C2, C4, CP3, CP1, CPz, CP2, CP4), while the last two column contain, respectively, cursor position and target position at each given time sample. Positions are expressed as indexes of the possible positions matrix. The file name contains indication on the subject of the recording (S01 to S08) and the session (train1 to train4 and test1 to test2).

Each MAT file contains a single struct, expData. An example struct is shown below:

expData =

              rawData: [146297x16 double]

                expID: 'subj1_train1'

            cursorPos: [146297x1 double]

            targetPos: [146297x1 double]

         channelNames: {1x16 cell}

         samplingRate: 256

    recordingDateTime: '20170804T180313'

Most fields should be self-explanatory, such as rawData or expID. channelNames is a cell array containing the names of the channels in the same order as in rawData (Fz to CP4, as detailed above). recordingDateTime marks the beginning of the recording in the format YYYYMMDDThhmmss (where ‘T’ is an actual ‘T’ character). Finally, cursorPos and targetPos present the position of target and cursor at each time sample as explained above.


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